While migrating some VMs to a new storage array, I ran into an issue while moving the last VM, which, of course, was my vCenter appliance. When I right-clicked the VM in vCenter, then went to migrate. The migration option was greyed out, which blocked the migration.

TL;DR Follow VMware’s KB 1029926

Longer Version

Note: All examples will use the URL https://vcenter. It would be best if you changed this to be your vCenter URL.

  • Select the VM in question
  • Copy the URL in the browser

Example: https://vcenter/ui/#?extensionId=vsphere.core.vm.summary&objectId=urn:vmomi:VirtualMachine:vm-15:……

  • Grab the VM ID from the URL. In the example the ID is “15”
  • Open a new browser windows to https://vcenter/mob/?moid=AuthorizationManager&method=enableMethods
  • Login with an Admin user. Example: [email protected]
  • Enter the following in the value fields replacing the VM ID.
  • Entity


  • Method RelocateVM_Task

  • Click Invoke Method

  • Go back to your vCenter URL and refresh the page.

  • You should be able to migrate the VM now.