After upgrading to Ubuntu 20.10, you may sometimes encounter an error when attempting to start PowerDNS:

Backend error: GSQLBackend unable to list keys: Could not prepare statement: select, flags, active, published, content from domains, cryptokeys where and name=?: Unknown column 'published' in 'field list'


  • Access to a terminal window/command line
  • A user account with sudo or root privileges
  • MySQL Access to the backend database that supports PowerDNS


  • Before making any changes, we want to back up the current database.
mysqldump -u root -p -B pdns > pdns_backup.sql
  • We now want to add the missing column to the table cryptokeys
mysql -u root -p
use pdns;
ALTER table cryptokeys add column published BOOL DEFAULT 1 after active;
  • Now we want to restart pdns
systemctl restart pdns