How to retrieve a kubeconfig from RKE v0.2.x+ or Rancher v2.2.x+

During a Rancher outage or other disaster event, you may lose access to a downstream cluster via Rancher and be unable to manage your applications. This process allows to bypass Rancher and connects directly to the downstream cluster.



SSH access

Oneliner (RKE and Rancher custom cluster)

This option requires kubectl and jq to be installed on the server.

kubectl --kubeconfig $(docker inspect kubelet --format '{{ range .Mounts }}{{ if eq .Destination "/etc/kubernetes" }}{{ .Source }}{{ end }}{{ end }}')/ssl/kubecfg-kube-node.yaml get configmap -n kube-system full-cluster-state -o json | jq -r .data.\"full-cluster-state\" | jq -r .currentState.certificatesBundle.\"kube-admin\".config | sed -e "/^[[:space:]]*server:/ s_:.*_: \"\"_" > kubeconfig_admin.yaml
kubectl --kubeconfig kubeconfig_admin.yaml get nodes

Docker run commands (Rancher custom cluster)

This option does not require kubectl or jq on the server because this uses the rancher/rancher-agent image to retrieve the kubeconfig.


Run and follow the instructions given.

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